Self Sabotage

Search deep into my eyes and you’ll find tremors

Subtly shaking the solid structure I portray

and if you look close enough you might spot my infractions

a twisting difference – starry night to sunny day

You could ask but guaranteed I will not tell you

because if I release the rage is liable to blow

Ripping through the existing cracks of my infrastructure

The impending collapse awaiting

I am ashamed to let it show

This decay is like the haunting fable of Sleepy Hollow

A sickening destiny settling before my knowledgeable birth

For fate has ruefully launched me into my transgressions

Replacing hatred that chokes out my innocent mirth

A torturous cycle I cannot seem to master

So I indulge in sins that are not meant to be tried

Falling into the diseasing obsession of addiction

For my soul has withered from all the tears my eyes have cried


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