Falling from Grace

Oh pretty daughter

with your big hazel eyes

How I’m trying to escape my

own demise.

Oh little daughter

hair so curly and fair

How I regret taking you here;

To mommy’s dark places where demons


though inside, my love, for

you is profound

But tragically so my secrets arise

And numb out the sounds of your

sweet pleading cries.

You never asked to be made alive through

your birth;

I’m supposed to give you a life

Full of worth.

Instead you witness as I fill up

my rig,

Little eyes full of wisdom,

though you have yet to be big.

And as I release the poison

into my vein

I slip into oblivion,

regretting casting your pain.

children, kids, love

Winter Baby

The sky is vividly blue, a warm blanket covering my view; enveloping me in happiness in the frosty, frigid air.

I think of you though a winter baby, your smile effervescent, your hugs rich, generous. Always.

You are the reason I pull myself from slumber, for otherwise, I would fall into sleep forever.

Boundless darkness, each worse than the next.

Little girl, you have saved me.

Through your birth you have given me life.

So I can sit here, outside, on the most frigid of days, wrapped in endless embers of love.


Bitter Mornings

My breath fogs the window panes, trying to for see my future

perhaps something in the air will give way to change?

Fierce winds eviscerate me; the cold shores bleeding me dry of warmth.

My hope is dying like marriage, ¬†being pulled away like the tides of this ocean’s forefront but I step outside anyway.

What are we to do when we are like two sides of gravity being pulled either in or out?

Neither side gives; instead we drift, farther into the blistering morning witnessing the death of another love.